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Alexander am Zehnhoff-Söns,  Trier Harbour

Meclift Customers

Parasta Meclift-trukissa mielestämme on sen innovatiivisuus, ja että siihen liitettävillä lisälaitteilla samaa konetta voidaan käyttää useisiin eri käyttötarkoituksiin. Tämä tietenkin pienentää kokonaisinvestointitarvetta, koska useiden eri koneiden ostamisen sijaan voimme hoitaa yhdellä koneella monipuolisesti eri tehtäviä. Meclift pystyy nostamaan raskaita kuormia edes ajamatta trukkia kontin sisään kurotusominaisuutensa ansiosta. Tämä helpottaa kuormien purkamista konteista ja itseasiassa koko logistiikkaketjua. Olemme tehokkaampi ja voimme reagoida asiakkaidemme toiveisiin nopeammin. Sen sijaan että olisimme ostaneet kahta kolmea konetta, yhdellä koneella pystymme hoitamaan useammat eri työvaiheet. Olemme olleet todella tyytyväisiä. Mecliftin ominaisuuksilla ja lisälaitteilla olemme saaneet hyvin kokonaisvaltaisen ratkaisun. SA-TU Logistics Oy:n terminaalipäällikkö Olli Juutinen sanoo

Vetro-Shipping chose Meclift´s 18-ton variable reach truck to boost their operations in Port of Gdansk. “We decided to choose Meclift because we found its features outstanding compared to its competitors.”, says Pawel Szpiller from Vetro-Shipping. “Meclift is agile, innovative and economical – these features were preferred in our selection process. Meclift is unique because it can be driven inside a container and – despite of its small size – it can lift 18 tons burden. This clearly improves our productivity in cargo handling, which is of course an advantage to our customers.”, he continues. “while comparing the competing options  we got help from Zeppelin-Polska, who recommended Meclift to fulfill our needs.”, he concludes.

VIDEO: Vetro-Shipping*s Meclift 1812 in action

Pawel Szpiller Vetro-Shipping

“In addition to the quality of the equipment, the key factors in making decision were service conditions, guarantees, quality of service and the way of financing. Zeppelin Poland has a Meclift ML1812R machine in short-term rental fleet. A proper understanding of the customer needs and our company’s background has allowed us to start cooperation, where it is clear that the Meclift product is the best solution for Vetro-Shipping requirements. We have been a dealer for Meclift for years in Poland, offering our customers comprehensive solutions, each time implementing the motto of our company – “We create solutions”.

Marcin Wajdzik Area Sales Manager Zeppelin Poland

“Working with Meclift machinery, has made our operations safer, cheaper and faster.“

Meclift Client

“Our experience of the equipment and service provided by Meclift is very good. Vehicles are running with a high uptime, and our drivers are giving good feedback with regards ot the operation of the machines. Additionally, we are very happy about the cooperation between Meclift and our company during the development of the Loading Boxes.”

Mr. Asle Voll
El Casthouse Manager
Qatar aluminium Limited

“Meclift reduced our material handling time by 50%.”

Meclift Client

“We use two Meclift ML1612R machines for loading and unloading steel coils into and out of containers in our port. These machines are very unique in design. Thanks to their low height and good reaching ability we are able to use them in other jobs as well. Sometimes we wonder how some of these jobs could be done without the Meclift trucks.”

Mr. Kazim Keskin
Port Operation Manager
Borusan Lojistik
Gemlik, Turkey

“ML1812R is a thought-out concept, which features high-design-technology. Meclift is always looking for improvements. In addition to good service they are always interested in knowing how our Meclift equipment is working.“

Mr. René Kunst
Logistiek & Transport
Vehicle management
Tata Steel, The Netherlands

“Like ML1612R, also ML3012RC can load or unload 20’ freight
containers even if the containers are on a trailer!“

Mr. Salamati Machinedju Co.

“It makes specialized operations just so simple now.”

Cezary Osipuk
DCT Gdansk S.A.

“Both safety and speed have improved since our customers started to operate with a ML1612R equipped with a Coil Ram. Some of the operations take less than 10% of the time needed in the past. Also significantly less people are needed when operating with the innovative Meclift equipment.“

Mr. Fabio Giusa & Mr. Renato Scholz
Meclift representatives Brazil
F&F Comércio e Representacões Ltda

“A Meclift Variable Reach Truck equipped with a Coil Ram is a superior combination for steel coil handling. It saves time and money and enhances safety at work.“

Meclift Client

“We have good experience of the equipment, and we are satisfied with the service provided by Meclift. Vehicles are running with a high uptime and our drivers are giving good feedback with regards to the operation. Additionally, we are very happy about the cooperation between Meclift and our company during the development of the Loading Boxes.“

Mr. Asle Voll
EI Casthouse Manager
Qatar Aluminium Limited

”Meclift presented an easy way to load and unload containers without damaging the goods or container floor.”

Meclift Client


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