ML4218RC Variable Reach Truck

ML4218RC is capable of lifting 42 tons with 1.8m load centre, it can reach up to 3,25 meters and taking the lifting height as high as 7,8 meters.

With high lifting and reaching capability, Meclift™ ML4218RC excels on loading/unloading heavy materials into/from containers. It can lift 33t to the middle of a standard container, making all logistical manoeuvres significantly easier and safer. Meclift™ ML4212RC Variable Reach Truck, is designed to help with container loading and unloading. It allows you to do all the heavy lifting into/out of a container on top of a trailer. By using the Bogey Rollers attachment, you can move loads even heavier than 32 tons to the middle of a standard 20ft container.

Meclift™ ML4218RC with the Lifting Beams attachment is a unique combination for long and heavy object handling. By using this attachment, it’s possible to place rods, pipes and tubes into the middle of a 40ft container; no other machine in the world can achieve the same!

ML4218RC with fork-mounted top lift spreader, can put 20 – 40ft laden containers on a trailer or a flat wagon.
With the vertically movable cabin, the driver can position himself in the right place, to see either the forks or
surrounding areas which enhances occupational safety at the workplace and allows a comfortable operating experience.

“Meclift reduced our material handling time by 50%.”

Meclift Customer

ML4218RC in a nutshell

  • The lifting capacity of 42 tons at a load center of  18 00 mm
  • Vertically movable cabin for better visibility, there is no mast disturbing the visibility as in ordinary forklift trucks!
  • 7800 mm lifting height as a standard
  • Small turning radius, only 8600 mm
  • Small external dimensions and height

Meclift™ ML4218RC brochure (pdf)

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