ML1812R Variable Reach Truck

Meclift™ ML1812R is a unique multipurpose forklift truck. It is the only telehandler in the lifting capacity range of 18 tons, which can be operated inside containers. It moves swiftly in confined spaces, such as warehouses and cargo vessels. In addition to heavy cargo lifting, ML1812R is perfect for practically any other material handling needs. It is superior compared to conventional forklift trucks.

Vetro-Shipping chose Meclift´s 18-ton variable reach truck to boost their operations in Port of Gdansk. “We decided to choose Meclift because we found its features outstanding compared to its competitors.”, says Pawel Szpiller from Vetro-Shipping. “Meclift is agile, innovative and economical – these features were preferred in our selection process. Meclift is unique because it can be driven inside a container and – despite of its small size – it can lift 18 tons burden. This clearly improves our productivity in cargo handling, which is of course an advantage to our customers.”, he continues. “while comparing the competing options  we got help from Zeppelin-Polska, who recommended Meclift to fulfill our needs.”, he concludes.

Pawel Szpiller Vetro-Shipping

In addition to the quality of the equipment, the key factors in making decision were service conditions, guarantees, quality of service and the way of financing. Zeppelin Poland has a Meclift ML1812R machine in short-term rental fleet. A proper understanding of the customer needs and our company’s background has allowed us to start cooperation, where it is clear that the Meclift product is the best solution for Vetro-Shipping requirements. We have been a dealer for Meclift for years in Poland, offering our customers comprehensive solutions, each time implementing the motto of our company – “We create solutions” .

Marcin Wajdzik Area Sales Manager Zeppelin Poland

“It makes specialized operations just so simple now.”

Cezary Osipuk
DCT Gdansk S.A.

Different kinds of Meclift attachments increase opportunities for using one machine for multiple purposes. It lifts 20-feet containers from fork pockets and stacks them up to 3-high. A hydraulically movable cabin ensures excellent visibility even when handling bulky objects. ML1812R is an environmentally friendly solution.

“We use two Meclift ML1812R machines for loading and unloading steel coils into and out of containers in our port. These machines are very unique in design. Thanks to their low height and good reaching ability we are able to use them in other jobs as well. Sometimes we wonder how some of these jobs could be done without the Meclift trucks.”

Mr. Kazim Keskin
Port Operation Manager
Borusan Lojistik
Gemlik, Turkey

Less work machinery on your yard means less fuel consumed. It also means more open space and better visibility, resulting in improved safety and less damage to your cargo. ML1812R is easy to transport in a 20-feet container or on a swap body vehicle. It is designed to operate reliably in demanding conditions. Supported by worldwide-known components and easily accessible spare parts, ML1812R is a secure choice.

ML1812R is a thought-out concept, which features high-design-technology. Meclift is always looking for improvements. In addition to good service they are always interested in knowing how our Meclift equipment is working.“

Mr. René Kunst
Logistiek & Transport
Vehicle management
Tata Steel, The Netherlands

ML1812R in a nutshell

  • Possibility to drive inside a container
  • Small external dimensions and height
  • Low weight
  • Unique reaching ability, reach 2500 mm
  • Opportunity to load and unload cargos from 20 ft containers, which are already on the trailer; With the 3 m forks and boogie rollers, it can reach the end of the 20 ft container, which is already on the trailer without losing lifting capacity with load center 1200 mm.
  • Vertically movable cabin for better visibility, there is no mast disturbing the visibility as in ordinary forklift trucks!
  • 6 m lifting height as a standard
  • Small turning radius, only 5250 mm
  • Possibility to handle empty 20 ft containers by the pockets and 40 ft containers with side spreader and stack them up to 3 high

Meclift™ ML1812R brochure (pdf)

Meclift ML1812R in Action (Youtube)

Newspaper Article (Finnish)

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