Mecalift offers tailored training sessions to customers, operators, maintenance personnel, and dealers, helping to make the most of the advantages of our unique product family. Individually tailored training can take place either at the manufacturer’s site in Finland or at the customer’s site. A course usually takes 2-3 days, including operating and safety instructions, as well as service and maintenance instructions.

Sometimes one training session can serve a more significant number of participants from several companies. To assist operators of Meclift™ machinery in their business, we arrange local training sessions for larger customer groups by collecting customers of different Meclift™ users in the area.

Mecalift offers training sessions by video conference also. Would you like to book your video conference training? Contact us, and let’s set a time for a training course at a time that suits your schedule.

Committed to help you making the most of your Meclift™ machinery

The competitiveness of Meclift™ is highlighted by versatile services, expertise, and experienced personnel. We offer our services worldwide, servicing all our customers’ requirements with high efficiency and flexibility and by considering individual needs and conditions carefully.

Our customers have learned to appreciate our quick response time. Easy and fast service, regardless of time or place, is of paramount importance to our employees. In emergencies, we can provide our customers with skilled personnel and efficient, reliable equipment in the shortest possible time. The speed of our service saves money for our customers by minimizing production stoppages and losses.

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