Solutions for sheets, pipes and tubes

Lifting beams

The beams are especially designed for handling extra-long objects, such as steel tubes, beams or sheets. It also handles diverse sacks effortlessly.

Together with the reaching ability of the Meclift Variable Reach Trucks the 7.5 meter beams considerably facilitate container loading. The number of trolleys can be chosen by the customer. The lifting capacity varies in line with the truck model.

Roller Forks

Roller Forks also known as Air Cargo Pallet Forks (ACPF), it is possible to load and unload air cargo most efficiently and smoothly without hassle and unnecessary, time-consuming work phases.

Meclift roller forks acts as seamless extension to a roll conveyor in loading and unloading of cargo. Its agility and speed is based on the ability to lift pallets off the ground and to lay them directly on the roll conveyor by rolling. They can also be used to slide materials, like sheets or wood into containers.