Solutions for coils

Coil Ram

The Meclift Variable Reach Truck with a Coil Ram attachment is a superior combination when handling steel coils.

Thanks to its compact size, loading a container from the back end by driving the load inside the container is effortless. We customize the Coil Ram dimensions according customers request.

By exploitation of the 2,500 mm reach it is also possible to load the container from the outside. Positioning of cargo is facilitated by a side shift feature.

Adjustable Coil Ram

Meclift Adjustable Coil Ram is the latest addition to the Meclift Variable Reach Truck attachments and complements our coil handling equipment family of Coil Ram, Coil Clamps and C-hook.

If you need to load or unload different size of steel coils i.e. to containers, there is no need to have multiple Coil Rams. Adjustable Coil Ram can be positioned, to handle small coils by lowering the ram and similarly larger coils by raising the ram, by using the stand.

This attachment is extremely usefull with Meclifts bigger Variable Reach Trucks ML3012RC and ML4212RC, that can place heavy objects inside a container.

Coil Clamps

By combining the strength of a Coil Clamps attachment and the excellent reaching ability of Meclift Variable Reach Trucks, you get an efficient and safe solution for diverse tasks in cargo handling.

Meclift Variable Reach Trucks equipped with the Coil Clamps can also be used to load and unload containers or trailers.

Because working conditions vary from location to location, the Coil Clamps can be tailored and adjusted according to each customer’s specific needs. A Coil Clamps delivery always includes a special stand for storing purposes.


Take total control over coils. Meclift C-hook is our latest innovation for steel industry. It is equipped with hydraulic 360° rotation and 64° tilting. The lifting capacity is 30.000 kg, with ML3018RC variant.

With 360° rotation the operator can position the coil accurately and safely, for example into truck, open wagon or inside a vessel.

Moving coils from/to train, loading them in cargo bay are just few examples where Meclift C-hook with ML30/4212RC will excell in its work. It is evident that new level of efficiency is reachable with Meclift variable reach truck and C-hook.