Ports & Logistics

Strength, agility and versatility

Meclift™ variable reach trucks, container movers, and side reach stackers are designed to improve productivity and efficiency in cargo and materials handling. Diverse attachments, such as the Double Forks System, Air Cargo Pallet Forks, Coil Ram, Coil Clamps, Loading Box, Lifting Beams, C-hook, Side Spreader and Paper Clamps make them suitable for a wide range of work phases.

Due to their excellent lifting capacities, the Meclift™ materials handling machines are operated at ports and logistic terminals worldwide. All Meclift™ Variable Reach Trucks, Container Movers, and Side Reach Stackers are designed to operate smoothly also in confined places. Due to their high-quality materials, parts, and sturdy structure, they function reliably in all environments, withstanding also extreme cold, heat and humidity.

In order to help our clients run their operations competitively in container handling, container loading and unloading, container lifting, pallet handling, special work machinery lifting, or other heavy, large-sized cargo lifting, we are committed to take their individual needs into consideration from research and development through to the delivery. 
Meclift™ machines are protected with several international patents.