Innovative solutions for cargo handling

Oy Meclift Ltd is a family owned, Finnish company, founded in 1993. Meclift operates globally and is specialized in supporting customers with innovative logistical solutions.

Our product line covers 16 – 50t lifting capacity machinery to logistical operations, from loading and unloading containers, airplanes, to container handling, all of them as compact and agile solutions. Meclift Variable Reach Trucks are unique telehandlers from size and capacity point of view, which makes them superior compared to conventional forklift trucks. Meclift Container Mover is cost-efficient solution for terminal areas and locations, where there is need to move containers from place A to place B. This container handler can handle all container sizes ranging from 20 to 45 feet, including High Cube containers, and lifts them on and off normal highway chassis.


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